How to add a new language

To translate your website into a new language, two requirements must be met:

  • You must have created a project
  • Your plan must still have sufficient quota to create another language

Follow these simple steps to translate your homepage into a new target language:

  1. Navigate to your project
  2. Click on "Translations" in the top menu bar
  3. Select the "+ New Language" button.

At this point you have the option to select the "Target Language".

If you want to translate your English website into German, your target language would be "German".

Next you have to choose between two setup methods.

If you just want to try Dilingual for this language, we recommend "Use a staging domain (one click setup).

In this case, your translated website will be available for testing under a subdomain provided by us.

You can always switch to your own domain when you are ready.

If you use "Use my own domain" directly, you will have to make some simple adjustments to the DNS settings of your domain.

Depending on your plan you can use a predefined domain (e.g. - DE is for german), or configure as the german translation of

You can find help here in the documentation.