How to create a new project

What is a project

A project in Dilingual is a website you want to translate. You create each website you want to translate with Dilingual as a separate project.

All settings related to users, payment/schedules, translated languages and domains are made individually in each project.

This means that you can translate multiple websites independently with one account. Our system is designed so that you only need one account as a user. Even if you want to manage websites of several clients (multi-client capability).

How to create a new project

Project Overview - Create new Project

Navigate on the "+ New project"- and fill in the following fields according to the requirements and settings of your new project.

Project creation

  • Name: A project must have a name. Examples can be either the domain of the website (e.g., the page title (e.g. ACME Inc.) or even an internal reference from your project management.

  • Domain: For the domain, select the domain where the website is currently accessible (e.g. Based on this domain, subdomains can be created later to host translated websites (e.g.; Alternatively, you can also add your own additional domains to the project (;

  • Current language of your website: From the list, select the language in which your website is currently written.

  • Fomality: In some languages, there are distinctions as to whether people's salutations are formal or informal. In German, this is the distinction between "Du" and "Sie". For most and more traditional purposes, "Formal" is the correct choice.