Suggesting translations

Dilingual allows translators to add suggestions at anytime for translations, whenever they aren't sure about the changes. The suggestions can be later reviewed and accepted as translations.

Who can add suggestions?

Any logged-in member of the project can add suggestions.

How to add suggestions?

  1. Navigate to Translations
  2. Select the language from the languages list.
  3. Select the translation pair.
  4. Edit the current translation.
  5. Click on Suggest button.


Where can I find suggestions?

A translation can have multiple suggestions.

  1. Select the translation pair.
  2. Click on Show more button.
  3. Select the Suggestions tab.
  4. All added suggestions will be listed under the Suggestions tab. Each suggestion contains the content, datetime and the author of the suggestion.


Note: By default, each translation will have its automatic translation stored as suggestion.

How do I accept a suggestion as translation?

Suggestions need to be reviewed and accepted by a reviewer.

  1. Go to the Suggestions tab.
  2. Accept the suggestion that is the best translation.

The accepted translation will disappear from the suggestions tab, and will be displayed under History tab.